Naniiro no ashita wo egakimasu ka?

Maximum umai!

1 March

Hi! My name is Julia and I am from Brazil.
First: I know Arashi just a year ago, so I don't know EVERYTHING. But I am almost there XD
Well, I'm fan of KAT-TUN and Arashi ! I love their TV shows , doramas,voices, songs CMs and their styles. KAT-TUN is going to be worldwide !Arashi already is :D <3

Arashi is always showing their friendly side among the members. They sing, dance, act, and are friends. That's why they are so popular! I'm a proud fan!
KAT-TUN is always showing us the effort and dedication. We should always support them and never forget that they are a group of six members.[Now five .3.]

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